3 Methods to Stop Yourself From Eating Fast Food

We all know it’s bad but many if us still indulge in fast good. I personally ditched McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger King ten years ago and haven’t looked back since. Here’s a couple helpful tricks I used and seem to work for others as well:

1. Educate your eyes – My fast food habit ended when I saw the film “Super Size Me.” What had an impact on me wasn’t how it effected the directors health but the ever growing size of the servings. When you take into account how much sugar and fat you’re consuming from a small meal at your favorite grease stain, you’ll realize a small coke and small fries is anything but.

I also recommend watching the infamous “pink slime” video on you tube. I will never touch a chicken nugget or chicken patty again.

2. Visualize – I know how tough it can be when temptation is staring you in the face. Maybe you’re on lunch break and the guy across from you is taking a bite out a Big Mac that has you salivating. This is a trick I use for all food temptations. Pretend there is something wrong with the food. Maybe it’s spoiled or moldy. Perhaps there are ants in it. Use your brain to gross yourself out

3. Keep your goal in mind – whenever ok about to eat something I know I shouldn’t I ask myself, “how does this help my fitness goals? Will it help me or hamper me ?”

For more temptation tips or info on a proven low glicemic eating system ( I lost 30 lbs and my bmi went down 8 % in 12 weeks ) feel free to contact me

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