Complete Greens

<style=”text-align: justify;”>If you’re like me, as a kid you probably heard “make sure you eat your vegetables” at the dinner table every night.greens1  Even though as an adult I understand the importance of fruits and vegetables in a well balanced diet, I don’t always eat the daily recommended serving.  Luckily, I take Complete Greens, to make sure I’m getting proper nutrition.
<style=”text-align: justify;”> Whether you’re a body builder or everyday man or woman looking to give yourself a little boost, fiber is an essential part of your diet.  Offering more than 50 natural ingredients including green vegetable powders and natural grass fibers that are low in sodium, fat and calories, Complete Greens helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract, providing beneficial probiotics, nutrients and natural enzymes to the body’s organs.

Complete Greens comes in either tablets or powder, so you can mix it with a bottle of water when you’re on the move.  I also mix Complete Greeens powder in with my TLS Protein Shake to give my post workout a little extra boost of nutrition.

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