Guest Blog Post: The Shopping Annuity by Jeremy Slate

Guest Blog Post: The Shopping Annuity by Jeremy Slate

From time to time I like to spotlight a post from a fellow blogger.  This is one of my favorite recent posts from a great businessman, entrepreneur, personal trainer, and overall awesome guy Jeremy Slate.  If you enjoy this post, you can check out more of his work at Enjoy!

Turn Spending Into Earning?

I help people with fitness, and there are many aspects to fitness. In order to support the entire person, I help you to become physically fit, financially fit and also you help address the human soul. Unless all aspects are addressed, then you are not truly fit. On this Fitness Friday, I want to address financial fitness.

We stand upon the precipice of a  massive paradigm shift; online shopping is quickly over taking in store shopping and those that move with this shift, stand to benefit immensely. proved how online shopping can really create a lot of revenue, could you imagine what owning an would do for the everyday consumer?

There used to be a time when you could put money into the bank and receive a good percentage on it, 5 or 6%. Those days are long gone, as I think I was 12 when I was pouring over which Certificate of Deposit to invest in. The last 16 years have not been kind to the economy, and we seem to be at a point where banks are almost charging us for our money which they are using. Sounds like consumers fitness is not being treated well, right?

What is an annuity? An annuity is an amount of money that you give to an insurance company or a bank and they pay back to you at a small fixed sum every month. Its a great idea, because it pays you every money, but the return is way down now, and at the end of the term all the money is spent; your principal is gone. Now there are some variations of this where the principal does not disappear, but return percentages are so meager it is not worth referring to them.

Let’s say that your family spends on average about $1,000 per month on discretionary spending? Let’s say that shopping is now shifted to online and the family is still spending that same $1,000 still shopping at the same stores, but now they are making 4-5% in the form of cutback and commissions. Imagine how beneficial that could be to a family to have a little extra money coming in every month? We’re empowering people; that’s incredible.

Now imagine that we could share this concept with others and get paid 100% off their shopping too? Now, we’re on our way to creating a shopping annuity. The difference with our annuity is that it pays forever, and if you really work the business end of this, it could create an income for your family that you never imagined, just by helping others save money! Thats turning spending into earning, that’s creating a shopping annuity!

Jeremy Slate is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Model, Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant, Author as well as the Founder and CEO of JR Slate Fitness. JR Slate Fitness, headquartered in New Jersey, solves all the weight loss and fitness needs of the busiest innovators worldwide. Creating fitness plans tailored to the custom lifestyle. Jeremy also helps people to create incredible streams of revenue in Network Marketing, for themselves so they can enjoy life and the families they love. or

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