Motives Cosmetics

Until recently, I never understood why women wear makeup until.  Granted, as a man I never aspired to think about eye shadows, blush, lipstick, contouring, or other types of makeup.  I just assumed women wore makeup to look good for men or to look better than other women.  After being introduced to Motives Cosmetics, I understood it- women don’t go through the process of “putting their face on” for men or even other women. The only person a woman uses cosmetics for is herself.  Cosmetics is a way a woman can feel confident by accentuating what they feel are their most beautiful and elegant features while obscuring any imperfections they’d rather draw attention away from.  In other words, cosmetics help women feel more confident, more beautiful, and better about themselves.  When I understood the way a woman feels when they obtain the perfect look she wants, I knew I would never again complain to a woman about how long it takes for them to get ready to go out.

Motives Cosmetics are also:

– highly pigmented for gorgeous colors

– micro pulverized

never tested on animals


Motives Cosmetics