The Grateful Prayer and my 2015 Goals in Progress

The Grateful Prayer and my 2015 Goals in Progress

I decided to take a drastically different approach to my goals this year, than I have in the past.  Mainly because I had some trouble really nailing down my goals this year.  Don’t get me wrong I certainly have aspirations, but I’ve come to a juncture where one objective in particular must trump all this year.  On a side note, I’m not telling you about my goals yet- that will be part of a post before the end of the month, sorry to tease you.

As avid readers to this blog know I am a network marketing professional, in addition to my J.O.B as a cubical zombie (think Walking Dead with TPS reports).  One of the reasons I enjoy network marketing is the opportunity to connect to like minded, entrepreneurial people who aspire for more than what life has dealt them.  Please note when I say more, I’m not necessarily talking about money or an extravagant lifestyle known only to celebrities and the white collar elite- I’m talking those who are truly living their dream, whatever it may be.  I attended a training session this weekend lead by young entrepreneurs, Todd and Laura Laire both of whom I had admired because not only have they reached their dreams at such a young age but because they are very down to earth people who haven’t forgotten their struggle.  In fact the couple spend a good amount out time traveling the country (and in fact the world) speaking to others aspiring in our field.

Their presentation was not only about the mechanics and how to of business, it also focused on the inspirational aspects not necessarily taught in a classroom, such as goal setting.  One important part of this discussion, I will not bring up until my goal setting blog post (again sorry for the tease). The part of the presentation I would like to share with you tonight is a prayer Laura wrote and recites with her children nightly.  I found it very touching and uplifting. Although the words certainly are beautiful they don’t compare to the manner Todd and Laura presented them to the group.

The Grateful Prayer

by Laura Laire

“Tonight as I lay my head on my pillow, I will have a very restful sleep. Tomorrow when I wake, as soon as my feet hit the ground, my day will begin to be amazing.

Everything that I am wanting to see will be waiting there just for me. My life is wonderful, full of joy and I am so very happy. I am following my bliss and I love my family. Bless my mom, dad, brother…”

For great, inspirational, posts like this and some other great articles about healthy natural eating, cosmetics, and entrepreneurship check out Laura’s website: or To see a great video about the Laire’s success in network marketing, click here.  Finally for my thoughts on why everyone needs a plan b – check out my prior blog post on the endangered American white collar worker here.

Finally tonight, how do you get inspired? What inspirational poems, videos, quotes, etc fire you up ? Let me know 🙂

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