Twice A Day Training for Faster Gains! – Guest Blog Spot

Twice A Day Training for Faster Gains! – Guest Blog Spot

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Twice a Day Training for Faster Gains

Training twice per day may seem a little bit crazy at first and many people may often conclude this is overtraining right away. However, when periodized correctly this method can be very effective, especially when trying to improve weaker body parts. The body is often capable of far more than you may think it is. Many people often underestimate their own strength or ability by setting self limitations in their head. They will never reach their full potential because of fear or laziness.

I have been experimenting with doing double day sessions for the same muscle group this past year with great results. I have been able to put on muscle faster and improve my strength as well. It has also been great for keeping my body composition lower without having to do much cardio.

Why Train the Same Muscle Twice Per Day?
• Faster gains in muscle mass
• Improved strength
• Improved body composition

The purpose of training the same muscle group twice per day is to do an A.M. strength session focused on firing up the central nervous system, in order to get better muscle fiber recruitment later on when you go back to do your evening hypertrophy based session 4-6 hours later. This is accomplished primarily by using lower reps, heavier weight and explosive concentric movements in the morning session with lower overall volume. The morning session is not meant to be excessive. It is important to leave a 4-6 hour spread between the two workouts. Trying to complete the second session too soon will not allow enough recovery time in between workouts. But if you wait longer than 6 hours to train again, you lose the central nervous system activation from the morning workout. Workouts should be short and intense. 45 minutes per session is all you need.

A Few Reasons 2x a Day Training is Effective:
• Two shorter sessions (30-60 minutes each) allow greater concentration
• Morning session helps improve strength
• More anabolic- the shorter workouts are optimal for testosterone production. Longer sessions, testosterone levels will start to drop off and cortisol levels will rise
• Boosts metabolism multiple times throughout day
• Higher frequency

Nutrition When Training Twice Per Day
It is critical to consider nutritional demands when training twice a day as they will be significantly higher, with greater energy expenditure and overall amount of calories being burned throughout the day. Protein and carbohydrate intake should be increased appropriately with the increased training volume and frequency in order to supply the body with the fuel it needs and to recover adequately.

Periodizing Correctly
It is important to realize that training like this all the time, year-round, would not be wise. You must take time to recover to ensure growth and reap the benefits from this type of training. When I am really trying to kick up the intensity or grow muscle fast, I will schedule a couple weeks of double day training, followed by a week of lighter single day training to prevent overtraining and too much fatigue.

Goals and Training Structure For 2x a Day Hypertrophy Training:

• Focused on heavier compound exercises
• lower reps and explosive tempos (3-0-X-1)
• slightly longer recovery periods between sets
• main goal will be to move heavier loads explosively and improve strength

• primarily isolation exercises
• higher repetitions and increased time under tension
• short rest periods
• optional intensifiers: drop sets, super sets, giant sets, isometrics etc.
• main goal will be maximal tension in the muscle and cell swelling

Example Back Day Training:


• 8 x 3 Deadlift, 2-3 minutes rest between sets
• 5 x 5 Weighted Wide Grip Pull-up, 90 seconds rest between sets

• 4 x 12-15 Straight Arm Pull down
• 4 x 10-12 One arm DB Row
• 4 x 10-12 Wide Grip Lat Pull down
• 4 x 10-12 Bent Over BB Row
• Superset:
• 4 x 10-12 Reverse Grip Lat Pull Down
• 4 x 12-15 Cable Row
*45 seconds rest between all sets

Try out the workout and leave a comment to let me know what you think! Ensure you adjust your nutrition accordingly to allow your body to recover.

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