What Entrepreneurs can Learn From Batman


This artwork encompasses what makes Batman great and why we should aspire to be a little more like him ( minus the terrible childhood tragedy and obsessive compulsive nature forcing him into a life of loneliness). In this pic we’ve got 2 other beloved comic book characters and fellow members of the Justice League (the crème de le crème of DC comics ), Superman and The Flash. Both have incredible powers they use to help others. Their powers are the result of alien physiology and freak accidents, respectively. Batman can’t fly, run incredibly fast, or anything other worldly. His power though is so great he can actually best any other member of the Justice League, including Superman. His power is an ability we can all learn. He has the power of unwavering dedication to his goal and purpose.

His goal was born out of Shakespearean tragedy and is typical for many superheroes: fight crime. Since he’s pretty much a maniac in a suit he has to hone his skills and abilities. To be physically strong he had to train his body and seek a mentor to teach him martial arts. He also has to keep his mind sharp to outwit his rivals and foil their plans.

Speaking of his enemies, they are among the most chilling, devious, and cunning villains in comics. They are obstacles in the way of his goal. They try to derail him both mentally and physically. Part of his mental abilities includes having and maintaining a strong consistent mindset to keep him from getting discouraged in the face of insurmountable odds.

He also surrounds himself with like minded individuals from all over. Members of the Justice League are from all over the world; Superman is from Metropolis, Wonder Woman is from Themiscyra, The Flash is from Central City, Green Lantern is from Coast City, etc. It’s important to note the Justice League has no leader per say, all the members are regarded as equal peers.


When Batman is in Gotham City he leads his own team consisting of Robin ( on occasion) , Red Robin, Batgirl, Night Wing (currently not using his alias), Batwoman, Red Hood, sometimes Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, and of course Alfred. In addition, at one point he started an organization called Batman Inc, a franchise with the purpose of having a Batman in every country. Wherever he is in the world, he’s part of a team of like minded people with different skills and abilities with the same goal in mind. Sometimes he leads them, sometimes he’s a contributing member, but he’s always focused on the same end.


So what can we as entrepreneurs learn from a seventy five year old fictional character ?

1. have a goal – this gives you direction and can serve not only as a way to dictate your actions but as a compass to keep you on track.

2. prepare yourself with the proper tool – once yiu have a goal in mind, how will you accomplish it ? What will you need to learn or how can you condition yourself to reach your goal ? It’s important your learning and training is continuous to keep yourself sharpe.

3. associate with like minded positive people – you don’t have to go it alone. People have a way of inspiring others and can often help talk you through a difficult situation or problem.

4. do it – for all the training and preparation made, it wouldn’t amount to anything if Batman sat in his cave all night. Do it.

Consider this your call to action, this post is your bat signal shining high above the night sky. Rev up your bat mobile and dive right in because your goals, dreams, and ambitions lie in the city below. If you’re prepared amd your driven then there’s no reason you can’t outrun anyone in your way.


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